A collection of thoughts, philosophies, experiences and tales relating to or involving climbing. And sometimes other forms of adventuring.

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The Buck-Moon Hawk

Contextually, I’ve been going through a lot lately. A whole lot. I feel like this has become of a catch phrase of mine, but this time of the year is always rough for me – for a lot of reasons that I won’t delve into. I’m acutely aware of how my emotions are tied to… Read more “The Buck-Moon Hawk”

Out and Back, Again – Chapter 2

A lot has happened since chapter one, a lot of miles have passed. I’m up to 169 miles of IAT since I out and back’ed (o/b’ed) the Brooklyn Wildlife segment on July 16 of this year. I recently revisited that segment when Sara, my sweetheart, was getting the last of the miles she needed for… Read more “Out and Back, Again – Chapter 2”

Transcending Fun

“Life is all about having fun, at all costs.” – Some guy I met when I was 18 (who seemed far too preoccupied with having a good time and who also seemed way too old to be hanging out with 18 year olds.) “There’s more to life than just having fun, Keith.” – Eric N.,… Read more “Transcending Fun”

The Climbing Addiction Pt. II

I wanted to loop back on something that I touched on in my last post . To quote myself (an exercise I never tire of): “I get depressed and suicidal less because I climb. And when I do get depressed and suicidal, I know what to do with it because I climb.” Some people have… Read more “The Climbing Addiction Pt. II”

The Climbing Addiction

I was at work earlier this spring, helping a gentleman decide on a pair of climbing shoes. He was in the market for something aggressive, as he was leveling up in his climbing. He was a bit older, I’d say close to his late 30s – though it’s tough to say with a mask, and… Read more “The Climbing Addiction”

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