A collection of thoughts, philosophies, experiences and tales relating to or involving climbing. And sometimes other forms of adventuring.

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The Climbing Addiction

I was at work earlier this spring, helping a gentleman decide on a pair of climbing shoes. He was in the market for something aggressive, as he was leveling up in his climbing. He was a bit older, I’d say close to his late 30s – though it’s tough to say with a mask, and… Read more “The Climbing Addiction”

Giving it Back

Yesterday I returned from a short climbing trip to the Red River Gorge. Door to door it was about 530 miles and took about 9 hours. Maybe 10. Drives like that, it helps if you have edibles. Speaking of driving, I’d like to address something: We all know that both Iowa and Nebraska are unparalleled… Read more “Giving it Back”

Little Adam Ondra Shouts

Little Adam Ondra Shouts I know I can make these moves.I don’t know if I can make these moves.Where is the next move (I don’t see it)Keith. Can you feel it?This isn’t gonna hold me.Trust the rock will hold you.If you come off it’s a short swing.I can’t believe I’m making these moves.These moves are… Read more “Little Adam Ondra Shouts”

This Isn’t Baseball

This isn’t baseball.This is climbing. And there is crying in climbing. The following is a mix of something I wrote last fall with some revisions that reflect what’s going on currently. I’m going to leave the old narrative as present tense to keep things coherent. I don’t like chimney climbs for two reasons: I tend… Read more “This Isn’t Baseball”

One Small Piece of Hope

I was talking to my mom the other day, and I told her about one of the things I use to get through the hard times. A couple days later she told me she had relayed it to my dad, and it really touched him. It’s a pretty deep emotional dig but I wanted to… Read more “One Small Piece of Hope”

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