Little Adam Ondra Shouts

Little Adam Ondra Shouts

I know I can make these moves.
I don’t know if I can make these moves.
Where is the next move (I don’t see it)
Keith. Can you feel it?
This isn’t gonna hold me.
Trust the rock will hold you.
If you come off it’s a short swing.
I can’t believe I’m making these moves.
These moves are beautiful.
These moves are poetry.

Making little Adam Onda shouts
Because no one can hear me anyway.
No one
is here.
This is just you
and the rock
Just you
the rock.
There is no distance from the ground to you or from you to the top.
There is nothing but this moment.
And in this movement all become one: breath, body, rock so that
There is no you,
there is no rock.

There is only the movement.

The breath of the earth, inhaling and exhaling through you.
The universe choosing your body
your soul
and your life to express this moment.

Oh sweet, I’m past the blank section.
On to the part you just did a few minutes ago.
Only this time, find all the harde moves. Make every move an old school .7
Go for sustained.

I say out loud “oh my gooood, I am gonna looooove this move.”

And I do.

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