A Bucket of Tears, Straight, no Chaser (a guy walks into a bar)

“What can I get ‘ya?”

I’ll take a bucket of tears – straight, no chaser.

“That it?”

Lemme get a heart that won’t stop breaking, too.

“What do you know?”

I don’t believe in karma and if you went to war, too, I doubt you would either.

“Ain’t seen you in a while. How ya been?”

I’m hanging on by a thread
But at least I ain’t dead
At least I’m still living,
Even if it ain’t much of a life.
Every once in a while
I’m able to fake half a smile.
Most every morning I wish I wouldn’t have woken up,
But then I think: I guess it aint all bad.
At least I get to be alive.

“Well if that don’t beat all.”

I deserve more,
I deserve better.
I don’t deserve any of this
And none of this deserves me.

“I hear you, bub.”

May truth be my compass
And desire be my map

“You taking off, then?”

Someday I’ll be glad that I made every last one of my mistakes. Til then I’ll just sit and sip on this heartache.

“Glad you stopped by; I’ll see you next time you’re in town.”

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