Between You and Me

There has always been an undeniable
Sometimes confounding
Between you and I.

We had three years
And two thousand miles
Between us
Until you messaged on Christmas Eve.

Now all that’s between us is
less than a month
Of impatiently waiting
And growing longing.

Can you imagine,
Being there,
With nothing between us at all
Not Thurman or 2 thousands miles

Nothing between us but the sheets
Nothing but the air
Nothing but our breath
Between us
At all.

And now
The next time I fall asleep I’m gonna be in Portland.
The next time I fall asleep I’m gonna be with you.
Our faces pressed together
With nothing between us but
But the warmth in the air.
Nothing between us but
The feelings we share.

Sometimes I can feel my soul trying to break free from my body so that it can be next to yours.

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