I Dare you to Love me

If I’m being honest what I really wish I had
Is some coffee shop apartment, some adorable little pad.
And you could come over and talk about philosophy and we could spend the night together, and you could hang out there for a couple of days. And then leave in the winter and come back when there’s better weather.

Yeah you can drop me off in some boring little town where nothing much really ever happens and I could finally settle down. And you could come over in the summer and help me with my garden. And you could stay for a couple of weeks in the spring time, and then you can go and stay with Anna.

And maybe by then I’ll have a little corner somewhere on the edge of some property and I’ll build a darling little cabin and maybe sometimes me and you can snuggle on the dirt floor by the fire like a couple of wild children. Yeah wouldn’t it be nice if we could run around and be absolutely carnal and love each other like the wild animals we’ve always known we are.

And darling you can do whatever as long as long as you come and see me in September and we’ll hang around and tell each other about who it is we’re dating. And in the morning I’ll make you breakfast and help you get your bags packed and tell you that I love you and that I can’t wait to see you, when I come visit you when sky begins to darken and before my emotions get any worse.

And we can take turns finding all the best places the other one absolutely needs to discover. And you can take me anywhere, babe yeah all you gotta do is ask. Just say you want me and you know that I’m impatient and I’ll happily throw this life away if you ask me to come out and stay,

For just a couple of days, or just a couple of weeks. Yeah maybe every couple of years, for the rest of our life. Yeah I even bet we can find some kinds of way to grow old together. Oh I dare you to love me, I dare you to love me for ever.

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