Make Up

Never one to fit in
You did everything you could to make a few friends
But every way you turned there was always some one there bearing another knife for your back.

Never wanted to give in
You did the best you could not to let the bastards win.
But still we all gotta survive.
You did what you had to do to keep your self safe
So you took your make up and skirts and put them all away
And you put that desire for boys some place
Where they could never see it.

It’s a shame it had to happen that way
Spent your whole life hiding the half of you that they called gay
And that was always the part of you that you loved most.
Its no wonder you ended up hating yourself, the oppressor and the prisoner staring at each other in the mirror every day.

You can’t make up for the years that you lost.
You’ve got to keep moving forward no matter the cost
And let the years of repression
Be the way
you never have to be again.
You’re free, may you live and die this way my friend.

The truth is you never felt as free
Or as connected with yourself as you did when you
Wore lipstick and eyeliner and women’s clothes.
And you forced yourself to be someone else
The moment you stopped fucking around with gender roles.

And you can wear all the make up that you want.
You can fin-a-lly let go, of all the tears.
But you can’t go back and do it different,
No, there’s no making up for those lost years.

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