Old Dogs

You can teach an old dog new tricks
But why would you bother.
When you can buy a puppy who only sometimes shits
In the house.
You can give it away.
Old dogs you have to care for.
They take uo space and aren’t as cute
Or as marketable.
Especially when you’re done with them.

What good is an old dog
When you can have exactly what you want,
Milled, designed,
Pocket sized purse sized
Show quality

With expierence
In high volume settings
In this industry or that
With some machine
Or accounting system
Or some level beyond entry.

Who did all these puppies know
To get that first job? To get that experience?
Ain’t no future for the old.
Old dogs are better off lying down in alleys
Waiting for scraps to be thrown in their general direction.

They’re better off wandering onto the beltline
In rush hour.
It’s not suicide. It’s self care.

You can teach an old dog new tricks, but the one they have to learn ourselves
Is how to barely get buy in a world
Where they have no value.

Take it from this old dog:

Old dogs can and still want to hunt.
So, the compassionate thing to do is to put us down when you replace us with a puppy.

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